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Quickstart Manual (.PDF)

Firmware Version 1.0.01

Frequently Asked Questions

KleverSafe is a hardware wallet from Klever Electronics.
It is a device that can help you with the safety of your crypto assets by providing offline storage for your private keys. It connects to K5 Wallet via Bluetooth or USB port only when you need to make a transaction. You just need to press a button to make a physical interaction to confirm transactions, which adds another security layer to hold your assets in an even safer way.
Klever products are built around a combination of hardware and software security features, meant to protect your private keys from a wide range of attacks. A few simple checks will assure you that your device is a genuine Klever product:
✓ Buy KleverSafe from an official Klever store. You can purchase or see a list of authorized sales channels at:
✓ Check the box content. lt should have only: KleverSafe, a USB cable, a Quick Start Guide leaflet,  a Warranty certificate, a Keychain and Klever stickers.
✓ Your KleverSafe comes with a paper sheet where you can write your recovery phrase. You should never disclose it to anybody, not even to anybody in the Klever team. Keep it privately in a very safe place.
✓ Set up your KleverSafe by yourself. The LED should start in white color and then change to heartbeat-blinking red when first starting your device.

✓ Choose your own PIN code. Klever never provides or asks your PIN code in any way. 
✓ Contact KleverSafe Support in case of any doubt. 
We suggest that you download the Quick Start manual if you no longer have your box insert. In this manual there is an illustrated step by step that will work.

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