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Quickstart Manual (.PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

KleverSafe is a hardware wallet from Klever Electronics.

It is a device that can help you with the safety of your crypto assets by providing offline storage for your private keys. It connects to K5 Wallet via Bluetooth or USB port only when you need to make a transaction. You just need to press a button to make a physical interaction to confirm transactions, which adds another security layer to hold your assets in an even safer way. 

Klever products are built around a combination of hardware and software security features, meant to protect your private keys from a wide range of attacks. A few simple checks will assure you that your device is a genuine Klever product:

✓ Buy KleverSafe from an official Klever store. You can purchase or see a list of authorized sales channels at:

✓ Check the box content. lt should have only: KleverSafe, a USB cable, a Quick Start Guide leaflet, two sheets for backing up seed words, a Warranty certificate, a Keychain and Klever stickers.

✓ Your KleverSafe comes with a paper sheet where you can write your recovery phrase. You should never disclose it to anyone, not even to anybody on the Klever team. Keep it privately in a very safe place.

✓ Set up your KleverSafe by yourself. The LED should start in white color and then change to heartbeat-blinking red when first starting your device.

✓ Choose your own PIN code. Klever never provides or asks for your PIN code in any way. 

✓ Contact KleverSafe Support in case of any doubt. 

You need to use the K5 Wallet app in order to set up your KleverSafe as a new device. lt will generate new private keys so you can manage your crypto assets. You will also write down a new 24 or 12-word recovery phrase. 

You’ll need:
✓ KleverSafe 

✓ Either an iOS 15+ or Android 8.1+ smartphone.

✓ The Klever Wallet App (K5 release or later) installed.

Klever Wallet app features interactive setup instructions. Simply open the app to get started and connect it to KleverSafe. If you need assistance, you can find detailed instructions on the Quick Start Guide.

KleverSafe is powered by the USB port. Simply disconnect it from the USB cable to turn it off.

After the device is initialized, click on the menu icon of K5. You can find a KleverSafe settings section. Toggle Connect KleverSafe on.

Your hardware wallet accounts will be shown in your balance with the icon of an integrated circuit.

Everyone should definitely consider having one, especially once the user gets to a higher level of investment in crypto.

Eventhough digital wallets such as the Klever Wallet app already have strong safety, having an offline device to store your private keys and access your crypto account adds an extra layer of security to your investments. 

KleverSafe features IP67 protection level, which means you can fully immerse KleverSafe in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes with no harmful effects. Additionally, it is protected against Solids. This includes items such as tools, dust and dirt. You are completely safe even under harsh conditions.

Currently, KleverSafe works exclusively with the Klever K5 Wallet app.

This exclusivity aims to provide a complete Klever experience, connecting you directly to the Klever Wallet App so all your crypto management will be done in the efficient and Klever way that you already know.

KleverSafe supports all blockchains supported by K5 Wallet app. If new blockchains are added to K5, KleverSafe will also support them.

As of March 2023, K5 support all coins and tokens from major Blockchains, like:


KleverSafe development team is always working to add support to new blockchains. If you don’t see your preferred blockchain in this list, please let us know.

KleverSafe accounts offer all the features a regular software account does in the K5 Wallet app. Once you connect KleverSafe via USB cable or Bluetooth, you can send, receive, buy, swap and stake all the supported coins and tokens.

After writing your 12 or 24 seed words on the recovery sheet that comes in the package, you need to keep it in a very private and secure place. Never disclose it to anyone, not even to anybody from the Klever team. If anyone has access to your seed words, your accounts can be accessed. 

In order to connect KleverSafe via Bluetooth, you need to enable Bluetooth connectivity and location in your mobile device. Pairing is done via K5 app.

KleverSafe must be connected to a USB port in order to be powered. The USB port can also be used to communicate KleverSafe with the K5 app, since you are using an Android-based smartphone. Apple smartphones can only connect to KleverSafe via Bluetooth, since these devices don’t support USB communication. If KleverSafe is connected to a USB port and K5 is not detecting it, please remove the cable from both ends and connect it again. Make sure the USB connector is properly attached to the mobile device. 

In order to connect KleverSafe via Bluetooth, you need to enable Bluetooth connectivity and location in your mobile device. Pairing is done via K5 app. 

The seed words (a.k.a. recovery phrase, security phrase, seed phrase, etc) are the main input for account recovery of your wallet. If you lost your seed words, there is no other way to recover your account. When you receive your KleverSafe, a blank sheet is provided so you can write down your seed words and keep them as a backup in a very secure and safe place.

KleverSafe accounts are shown on K5 wallet only if KleverSafe is connected to it on your mobile device. If your KleverSafe accounts are not appearing on K5, please make sure KleverSafe is connected.

In a self-custody wallet, as KleverSafe is, the pin code is used as a password to protect access to your funds. If you lose or forget your pin code, there is not a straightforward way to recover it.

However, there are a few things you can try:

Check for any written records: If you have any written records such as a password manager or even a piece of paper where you wrote down the pin code (although this is not recommended), check those first.

Restore wallet from a seed phrase: KleverSafe allows you to restore the wallet using a seed phrase (also known as a recovery phrase). If you have a seed phrase, you can use it to restore your wallet to its previous state, including the accounts derived from this seed phrase. Keep in mind that restoring the wallet from a seed phrase will create a new pin code, so you will need to remember this new code.

It’s important to remember that self-custody wallets are designed to give you complete control over your funds, which also means you are responsible for keeping your pin code safe and secure. Make sure to store your seed phrase in a very secure location and avoid sharing it with anyone.

KleverSafe does not use an internal battery. It is only powered by the USB connector. If you unplug KleverSafe from the USB cable, it is not powered up in any way. 

Each LED color of KleverSafe identifies its working state. One main characteristic of LED behavior the light pattern. If the LED is fading, it is connected to K5 Wallet app. If it is under a heartbeat pattern, it is not connected to K5 Wallet app. 

Detailed description of LED colors are shown on the following table:


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